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Bitcoin Can Become Untraceable.
Bitcoin’s true believers hold on through the wild price swings because they see enormous value in its properties as a…


The article discusses how Bitcoin is valued by its supporters for its unique properties. These properties include a fixed supply of units that cannot be inflated by a central bank and it's censorship resistant, meaning no government or corporation can prevent transactions between parties for any reason.

Bitcoin is seen as a tool of liberation, especially for people living under oppressive regimes. Activists, dissidents, and human rights workers often use Bitcoin to receive funds from abroad in a way that can't be easily traced, providing a level of financial privacy that traditional banking systems cannot offer.

The article also highlights how Bitcoin was used during a protest in Canada when the government attempted to freeze donations to protesters. Bitcoin allowed funds to bypass government restrictions, as it requires more effort for authorities to confiscate compared to traditional currencies. However, it notes that Bitcoin transactions are recorded in a public ledger called the blockchain, which can potentially reveal the identities of those involved.

Privacy tools exist to protect Bitcoin users, but their adoption needs to grow. These tools can make it more difficult for authorities to trace Bitcoin transactions back to individuals. Some privacy-oriented Bitcoin wallets, like Samourai Wallet, developed and incorporated features like PayNym, CoinJoin/Whirlpool, and Payjoin to enhance user privacy.

The article mentions the Lightning Network, a decentralized payment network for Bitcoin, which enhances privacy by bundling multiple transactions into one, making it harder for chain analysis firms to trace individual transactions.

Note: This is a highly inaccurate statement, as we know that Lightning is extremely centralized with regards to channel funding and large routing hubs. Lightning privacy claims should always be taken with a grain of salt. - Zelko

While other cryptocurrencies like zCash and Monero offer enhanced privacy features, the focus remains on Bitcoin due to its wider adoption and decentralization. However, these privacy tools often require users to have technical knowledge.

The article concludes by emphasizing the importance of preserving financial privacy in a world where governments are increasing their control over the global financial system. Bitcoin's privacy and uncensorability are seen as crucial, and privacy-enhancing tools can make it more like cash, offering individuals the option of "freedom money."

Despite Bitcoin's price volatility, its true believers remain confident that its value will eventually reflect its unique properties and the benefits it brings to the world, such as financial privacy and resistance to censorship.

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