Creating a backup of your bitcoin wallet by the safekeeping of your seed phrase and passphrase is serious business and should be TOP priority. RoninSteel was created so that you can keep your backup safe in a covert manner, on a plate of of rock solid stainless steel.

Beside the seriousness, there are four fun facts you should know about RoninSteel.

1. It has a cultural reference.

Part of RoninSteel comes with a red envelope. The custom of using red envelopes originates from Chinese culture. Money is inserted into red envelopes and given out as a monetary gift. Traditionally, during Chinese New Year, the red envelopes are handed out to the children. The color red symbolizes good fortune, energy and happiness. Hence, in modern days, they are also given on some important occasions, such as weddings and birthdays, to send good wishes even in some other Asian countries.

The use of red envelopes has significance in Chinese culture.

2. Your seed words and passphrase on a RoninSteel Stealth are hidden using Steganography; the technique of hiding secret information within an unsuspecting medium.

The way to record your secret is by placing the sticker templates on the steel plate: one side with the 12-word seed phrase and another for your passphrase (for Samourai wallet users). You then punch your secret based on the instructions and remove /destroy the stickers once done. Your RoninSteel Stealth will just look like a plate with random marks on it. To decrypt your secret, you can download the template and place over RoninSteel Stealth to etch with a pencil.

Your RoninSteel Stealth plate without the deciphering sticker will look unsuspecting to the naked eye

3. It is easy to disguise as a normal item.

After you put the steel plate into a red envelope, it will look like any other random item in a drawer, in between your spare batteries and takeout menus. However, bear in mind – anyone that has access to your seed phrase, if they can first decipher the punch markings on the steel plate, will have access to your bitcoin. The red envelope does not prevent theft. You have 3 tamper-proof stickers to seal your red envelope. As soon as someone has opened your red envelope, you will notice it right away and should immediately send your bitcoin to a new wallet.

The tamper proof sticker will show the sign of unsolicited access of your red envelope.

4. It is a nice gift.

You can gift someone the red envelope with the seed plate inside to mark a special occasion, on-boarding them to the world of bitcoin. Giving out fiat is so last century. Who wants to have fiat anyway? Everything is going digital. It symbolizes digital money – a truly decentralized and peer-to-peer one, with full sovereignty.

Safekeeping of your seed phrase and passphrase is serious business and should be TOP priority. Get it right!

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