In the ongoing battle for financial privacy and freedom, the developers who push the boundaries of innovation often face unfounded accusations and legal challenges. Today, we call on the Bitcoin community to rally in support of Samourai and TDev, the co-founders of Samourai Wallet, who are under unjust attack for their contributions to Bitcoin privacy and non-custodial solutions.

The Importance of Samourai Wallet

Samourai Wallet has been the beacon of privacy and security within the Bitcoin ecosystem. By developing cutting-edge tools like the non-custodial coinjoin features, Samourai Wallet empowers users to maintain their privacy and autonomy. These innovations are crucial for protecting users, especially those in repressive regimes and individuals who rely on Bitcoin for financial freedom.

Unfounded Accusations

Despite their positive impact, Samourai and TDev now face charges of conspiracy to commit money laundering and conspiracy to commit operating an unlicensed money services business. These charges are based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the technology behind non-custodial wallets and are a misclassification of Samourai’s privacy-enhancing tools.

The prosecution’s attempt to label Samourai Wallet as a money service business is not only false but also sets a dangerous precedent. If successful, it could undermine the entire non-custodial and privacy-focused segment of the Bitcoin ecosystem, threatening the very principles of decentralization and user autonomy.

Threatening it with the full weight of the enforcement and judicial branches of the state.

The Threat to Bitcoin Privacy and Peer-to-Peer Transactions

The implications of this case extend far beyond Samourai and TDev. A harmful ruling against Samourai Wallet could pave the way for more stringent regulations on other non-custodial tools, multi-signature wallets, and peer-to-peer transaction systems. This would be a significant setback for maintaining Bitcoin's foundational ethos of decentralization through free and voluntary participation, through threat of legal action on those who would want to work on improving it, and could stifle innovation in privacy technologies.

Why We Must Act Now

Samourai and TDev have given much to the Bitcoin community, definitely more than most, tirelessly working to enhance privacy and security for all users. Now, it is our turn to support them in their time of need. The legal defense fund for Samourai Wallet is crucial in ensuring that these visionary pioneers receive the support they need to fight these baseless charges.

We urge everyone who values privacy, autonomy, and innovation in the Bitcoin space to donate to the Samourai Wallet legal defense fund. Your contributions will help cover legal fees, support strategic litigation, and ensure that Samourai and TDev can continue their vital work without the looming threat of unjust legal action.

How You Can Help

  • Donate: Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference. Visit http://p2prights.org/ to make a tax-deductible donation or leave the information as N/A to make an anonymous donation.
  • Put the following as the "purpose" of the donation (bottom form field):
U.S. v. Rodriguez & Hill (Samourai Wallet)
  • Spread the Word: Share this blog post, talk to your friends, and use your social media platforms to raise awareness about this critical issue.
  • Stay Informed: Follow updates on the case and learn more about the broader implications for the Bitcoin community.

By coming together, we can defend the innovators who protect our financial privacy and uphold the principles of Bitcoin. Stand with Samourai and TDev — support the Samourai Wallet legal defense fund today. 🛡️

Together, we can ensure that the future of Bitcoin remains decentralized, private, and free from overreaching regulation.

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