We are excited to announce the rollout of our 2TB Tanto model rollout! we felt it was critical that we make sure we have a seamless way for existing users to upgrade to a 2TB drive. This post will cover:

  • 2TB Tanto model
  • 2TB Upgrade Kit
  • Do I even need this?

So let's jump into it.

2TB Tanto model Overview

The 2TB Tanto model is the same Tanto you know and love but with a beefed up 2TB NVMe. We've recognized the importance of longevity and with the inclusion of a community favorite indexer, Fulcrum, we do notice that time left on 1TB is limited (particularly if you are running Fulcrum).

However, we aren't going to simply upgrade the Tanto. After all our mission to make the experience of running your own privacy focused node as easy possible. What we will be rolling out as an optional add-on is a Pre-synced Tanto, ready to go as soon as you plug it in.

Pre-Synced Tanto Details

The "Don't Trust, Verify" principle for running a node is commonly referencing the process of downloading the entire blockchain on your own without having to trust anyone. We remain true to this process, as this will remain the "default" purchase option for our Tantos. However, we do recognize that not everyone sees the value in this or has already done it before and would prefer a node that is nearly 100% synced. So we'll be supporting this option by delievery the node in a similiar way to how our "Salvage Data" option works.

The node will come with the blocks, indexes, and chainstate for the IBD jump starting it to closer to the tip (may vary depending on when individual unit was synced vs shipped). Additionally, we'll provide a matching blockheight sync of Fulcrum as your indexer. After we provide the data to the Tanto, we will reflash the microSD card. Meaning the root and user passwords will be reset and during inital boot, you will still get a newly generated root password and create your ronindojo user password as before.

To confirm that you are in fact receiving the pre-synced node that was complete by our team. You can verify a PGP message left by BTCxZelko that will be located at /mnt/usb/verify.gpg on your Tanto.

So What's the cost? And when can we buy it?

The 2TB Tanto will cost $649 and $699 with the pre-synced data.
We will be accepting pre-orders now!
Expected shipping date is by January 2024.  

What is the 2TB Upgrade Kit?

The 2TB Upgrade Kit is a 2TB NVME (same model we use for the new Tantos) inside an NVME USB enclosure.

The reason we included the NVME enclosure is for two main reasons:

  1. The upgrade process will require the enclosure.
  2. We realize there is a massive benefit to having a backup drive that you can be automatically backed up each week. After performing the transfer you could use your 1TB drive for this until it has capped out in space. Which would be about 3-4 months if your indexer is Fulcrum. Much longer if you have are using SW Indexer or Electrs.

How much does it cost?

The price of the Upgrade kit will be announced shortly. However, we will price the upgrade kit to be competitive to the current market value, since the goal is not to gauge our users.

If you bought a Tanto between October 1st and Black Friday, we'll get you an additional discount code. This will be announced as we get closer to release of the kit.

When will it be available?

To be announced! Once we are content with the supporting software to make this a seemless process we will open up for orders.

Do I even need this?

Eventually an upgrade to 2TB will be needed for everyone. Those who need to act more quickly are those running Fulcrum. However, in full transparency, at the moment the Ronin Stack with Fulcrum (no Mempool Space), about 9.5 GB are taken each month. Which leaves you with about 16 months till you should be at 915GB (the maximum available disk space). Though, it's not recommended to wait till completely full by any means.

We leave the choice to you!

For more information on the different indexers, check out our Blog Post on different indexer choices.

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