Today we are very happy to announce the latest release of RoninUI, which includes one of our favorite features yet! What could previously be achieved only via RoninDojo CLI or Whirlpool Desktop GUI is now available to RoninDojo users.

This also means that users can now access their Whirlpool controls via local network which is much faster and more responsive than Tor-connected Whirlpool Desktop GUI.

Pair the Whirlpool CLI with your wallet, directly from your phone

Pairing Whirlpool CLI with your wallet has now become much easier - you can do it directly from your phone, either via local network or over Tor. No reason to send pairing payload from your phone to another device.


  1. Copy it from your Samourai Wallet
  2. Open RoninUI in mobile browser
  3. Paste Pairing Payload
  4. Mix-n-Chill

Upon initialization (pairing), the user will be prompted to log in. After that, the Whirlpool CLI takes care of the rest - if there's any UTXOs waiting to be mixed, they will be queued for a mix.

While it would be technically possible to initiate a tx0 from RoninUI, we believe it's best to leave this to the Samourai Wallet since that contains all the labels and coin control (and maybe an SCODE) necessary for a proper privacy-preserving transaction.
See the status of your mixes once you open the page

Upon visiting the page, users can easily see the status of their mixes, their balances and have a control over the state of Whirlpool - stop or start mixing, display the next unused address of your Deposit account in order to receive coins from another wallet and display individual account states.

Review and manage your UTXOs

Our Whirlpool UI gives users basic abilities to filter and sort their UTXOs, copy transaction IDs and addresses and in case of Premix and Postmix to stop/start mixing certain UTXOs.

Users can also display their wallet ZPUBs - those can be added to Sentinel for watching or rescanned in our XPUB tool in case there's any discrepancy.

Last but not least, RoninUI gives users several other abilities:

  • Restart Whirlpool CLI in case of mixes getting stale
  • Resync postmix counters
  • Completely reset the Whirlpool CLI so it can be paired to another wallet

We hope this should be enough for users to have a sufficient control over their Whirlpool while lowering the friction of getting into continuous mixing. And while we are happy to release this feature, we still have a couple of tricks in our sleeve reserved for the future so Stay Tuned!

v2.4.0 release notes


  • Display better information about Electrum server pairing
  • Enable addrindexrs installation
  • Better UX for Dojo pairing
  • Updated dependencies
  • Added Whirlpool UI (and pairing)


  • Adjust menu item paddings
  • Allow only letters and numbers in password
  • Removed faillock call

v2.4.0 · RoninDojo / Ronin-UI · GitLab
Features Display better information about Electrum server pairing Enable addrindexrs installation Better UX for Dojo pairing
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