This release is focused primarily on enhancing user experience. We've gathered user feedback, mostly regarding our new Whirlpool UI, and implemented proper modifications.

As most of these fixes are very small, there is no need to explain and focus on any of them, maybe except one.

Removal of Bisq

We have decided to remove support for Bisq in RoninDojo v2.1.2. This removal of support is now reflected in the Ronin UI as well. While we hope that the Bisq team continues to build their product and help users buy/sell bitcoin via peer-to-peer methods, we unfortunately cannot support such unreliable integration. We hope that can change in the future.

For the full explanation, read here.

“Do nothing which is of no use”
Miyamoto Musashi

v2.4.1 release notes


  • Updated labels in Dojo management for better UX
  • Removed duplicate pairing from Indexer dialog
  • Updated explanation text in Whirlpool dialog
  • Added info icon that opens explanation dialog
  • Added "Restart CLI" button to Whirlpool login
  • Overall Whirlpool UI improvements
  • Using RSA encryption when sending sensitive data
  • Updated dependencies
  • Removed Bisq support
  • Minor internal imrovements


  • Added delay to avoid error after UI update
  • Fixed Explorer URL
  • Fixed z-index on update notification bar
  • Fixed addrindexrs install button not being disabled when already installed

v2.4.1 · RoninDojo / Ronin-UI · GitLab
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