Samourai Wallet case implications

Since April 24th, 2024, we've experienced significant changes and challenges. From legal guidance to the forced repository move, we've faced it all. But we are excited to announce that we are back in action! Despite most changes stemming from the case, we'll review the major updates.

For more information on the Samourai case and defense fund.
For more information on the path forward for RoninDojo team.

Forced changes

Due to the shutdown of the Whirlpool coordinator, we've removed all Whirlpool references from both the CLI and RoninUI until further notice. Additionally, some features are temporarily disabled while we work on re-implementation. These include the Whirlpool Stat Tool and Boltzmann Calculator.

Now the Good

Following the arrest, which disrupted our v2.2.0 and beta testing, we focused on restoring the codebase for our users. We've successfully migrated to a self-hosted, onion-only Gitea repository to enhance security for our team and users. We're also exploring other git-related projects to further decentralize our codebase—more on this in the next release.

A major improvement is that users can now upgrade their RoninDojo backend directly from RoninUI. No more SSH required unless preferred. Simply upgrade RoninUI as usual:

1. Click "Update to 2.5.1" for RoninUI upgrade.

2. Reload the page.

3. Follow the banner prompt to upgrade RoninDojo backend.

Then wait for the upgrade to complete

4. Wait for about 15 minutes for the upgrade to complete.


Congratulations, you are now running the latest RoninDojo version!

Back to work

With everything back on track, we are refocusing on v2.2.0, enhancing backup drive functionality to simplify upgrading to a 2TB+ drive.

Change log

  • Removed all references to Whirlpool
  • Updated repo links to onion urls
  • Disabled some feature installations until stable (WST tool, boltzmann calculator)
  • Moved upgrade code to a new api script
  • Credits: 零火怖, DojoCoder, BTCxZelko
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