Running your own Bitcoin node is an essential step in participating with the Bitcoin network in a trustless manner. It allows you to validate transactions and blocks independently, contributing to the network's decentralization. There are several ways to run a Bitcoin node, but the most popular solutions are "plug-and-play" node implementations like RoninDojo.

RoninDojo is a user-friendly, open-source Bitcoin full-node implementation designed for Samourai Wallet users, by Samourai Wallet users. It's explicitly built to harness the power of Samourai's Dojo software, a self-hosted Bitcoin node server that automatically syncs with your wallet.

So, why do I believe RoninDojo is the superior choice for those who value their privacy and sovereignty?

1. Privacy

RoninDojo is designed with user privacy as its main priority. It uses Tor by default for all connections, ensuring your IP address, location, and data are always safely protected. This is a significant advantage for those who understand the importance of maintaining privacy while interacting with the public nature of the Bitcoin network. As a team of privacy advocates, RoninDojo constantly strives to add and improve upon features that enhance the users' ability to operate a personal node and maintain control of their own data. RoninDojo also allows users to host their own private mempool explorer, preventing the need to enter any personal transaction information into websites they don't personally control.

Third parties that collect your data are holes in your security. Our products enable users to be in complete control of their data and prevent any leaks.

2. Focus

RoninDojo is a Bitcoin node company, not a home server company. Unlike other plug-and-play Bitcoin node implementations, RoninDojo does not market third-party Homelab apps as features that belong on a node. These applications often require open ports or public-facing connections, drastically increasing the attack vectors of the device. Your node should be viewed as a sovereign vault, not a "Jack of all trades" box filled with dozens of non-essential third-party apps that bring with them their own third-party problems.

3. User-friendly

RoninUI is the dashboard that ties all the features of RoninDojo into a simple, user-friendly, and highly functional graphical user interface. With its clear and fluid presentation, you will gain insight into your node's activity, making monitoring transactions, blocks, network performance, and logs easily manageable from anywhere in the world via remote Tor connectivity. RoninUI is ever-evolving as the team works on implementing a myriad of features that aim to eliminate the need for users to enter a command-line environment, improving the accessibility to the only true privacy Bitcoin node to more users.

RoninDojo's RoninUI Bitcoin node dashboard GUI
RoninDojo's RoninUI dashboard

4. Whirlpool

RoninDojo integrates Whirlpool CLI, a Samourai Wallet feature, right into the Tanto's heart, allowing for the 24/7 remixing of post-mix UTXOs without interruption. It's the perfect set-and-forget solution, reliably performing all the heavy lifting without ever breaking a sweat, ensuring you take maximum advantage of Whirlpool's free remix functionality and ever-increasing the anonset of your UTXOs.

Whirlpool is a "zerolink coinjoin" implementation created by the Samourai Wallet developers. Whirlpool breaks all deterministic links between inputs and outputs.
Break the link your coins leave behind with built in CoinJoin available on any platform

5. Compatibility

RoninDojo is designed to work seamlessly with Samourai Wallet, a privacy-focused Bitcoin wallet. This means you can utilize the advanced pre and post-mix privacy tools of Samourai without ever needing to trust a public node. With built-in Electrum indexers, such as Fulcrum & Electrs, your RoninDojo node is also fully compatible with popular Elecrum-based Bitcoin wallets. With local SSL and remote Tor connectivity, RoninDojo is fully compatible with popular Bitcoin applications, including Sparrow Wallet, BlueWallet, Envoy, and Bisq, without compromising node security.

6. Performance

RoninDojo's flagship node, the Tanto, utilizes highly performant NVMe storage via PCIe, eliminating I/O bottlenecks caused by inefficient USB-connected drives. With best-in-class passive cooling from a solid aluminum chassis, your Tanto will continuously operate at peak performance while maintaining optimal running temperatures. With its hexa-core SoC, Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe x4 slot and 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, the Tanto maintains a perfect balance of excellent performance and minimal running costs.

RoninDojo Tanto's NVMe, RockPro64 SBC & passively cooled chassis
Inside the RoninDojo Tanto

7. Efficient

RoninDojo is designed to run on a highly efficient yet powerful single-board computer. While this is not a unique feature amongst node implementations, their board choice has vastly more processing power than others, plus NVMe compatibility, while being just as cheap to operate. With annual energy consumption tests confirming usage to fall below 48.5 kWh, the yearly cost to use a Tanto is as low as $5 in nations with lower kWh prices, up to approximately $15 for those in the higher bands. This significantly reduces running costs compared to nodes operating on small format PCs.

8. Ethos

RoninDojo prioritizes providing hardware and software that empowers those wishing to incorporate Bitcoin into their daily lives while maintaining robust privacy. This non-compromise approach means your Bitcoin node will never implement any tools, services, or functionality that puts user identity or location data at risk. RoninDojo aims to provide a perfectly pure, private Bitcoin experience, matching its original Cypherpunk values.

The RoninDojo team's mission is to bring the hardware and open-source software together that enables the dream of β€œelectronic cash”.

9. Open Source

RoninDojo is an open-source project, meaning the code is publicly available for all to review and contribute to. This transparency is crucial to Bitcoin's values and allows for community input and oversight. By purchasing RoninDojo products, like the Tanto, you contribute to the sustainability of a 100% Bitcoin-focused FOSS project and help prevent monopolization from corporate, profit-focused, and closed-source competitors with motives outside of Bitcoin.

Richard Stallman. Free as in Freedom. Open Source FOSS
Dr. Richard Stallman launched the Free Software Movement in 1983

RoninDojo is a powerful, user-friendly, and privacy-focused way to run a Bitcoin node. It's an excellent choice for anyone who values privacy, wants to contribute to an open-source Bitcoin project, and desires to maintain strict control over their financial privacy.

RoninDojo Β· GitLab
The independent team building RoninDojo software expanding the functionality of Dojo

Tanto – 2TB-Synced

The Tanto by RoninDojo is our flagship Bitcoin node. Quality hardware inside a stylish premium case, pre-flashed RoninOS, pre-loaded with the Bitcoin Blockchain + Indexer, and plug-and-play functionality to get everything running in no time. Privacy and sovereignty are only getting easier to obtain.

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Want to know more? Check out RoninDojo's main site, wiki, & online store. You can also drop by the public Telegram chat just to say hi.
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